Dear California Indian Water Council Supporters,

We are launching this donation appeal at a critical time for California’s water future. Whether you’ve come to the California Indian Water Council as a volunteer, a 2009 Tribal Water Summit attendee, a petition signer for MLPA tribal inclusion, or a steadfast supporter of California Indian Water Rights —the time is now for your additional support for Tribal inclusion in state and federal Water Rights policies.

Why now? California Indian Water Council has built a strong and diverse coalition in support of restoring ancestral waters in Tribal lands and watershed. This includes extensive advocacy of ecological, habitat and cultural preservation and protection. Today, a confluence of legal, regulatory, political climate and planning efforts create a real opportunity for Tribal voice to be included in California water planning and management.

The California Indian Water Council provides a Tribal forum for California Tribes, (both federally and non-federally recognized), Tribal People, and communities residing in California to have a voice in water planning, protection of our sacred water, and educating the public about Tribal water rights, and traditional cultural ecological stewardship.

VISION: Our vision is to further develop and educate our Tribal-Public communities according to Traditional cultural beliefs on the water and land issues that impact Tribes. We work to preserve the water and traditional cultural landscapes and to prevent its existing and future degradation.

We are actively participating in the State of California Water Planning Strategies.

Our goal for this appeal is to begin implementation of our comprehensive Water campaign beginning in January 2011. With your financial support today, we can complement our traditional ecological knowledge efforts with legislative and public outreach strategies to restore water supplies, so that California Tribes and all California citizens may have quality water.

Please use the contact form to make a verbal contribution commitment to these efforts.

Thank you for your support!

The California Indian Water Council Board

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